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Welcome to the website of Kim Waters

This website features the art of Kim Waters and shows her work as illustrator,
painter, and decorator.

Please contact Kim directly about artwork purchases or to send her a note.

Kim’s distinctive paintings and illustrations draw freely from Indian spiritual imagery, Persian miniature painting, Medieval and Renaissance illumination, Celtic folklore and Victorian book design. Her unique combination of Western alchemical symbols and intricate borders introduces the viewer to a rich and intruiging fantasy world.

Kim Waters has produced major works with her voluminous Illuminations from the Bhagavad Gita; The Butter Thief; Enchanted Tales, and numerous book illustrations and private commissions. Her irresistible, fantasy-filled illustrations are without comparison. Her work has been received enthusiastically...

Recently she completed 22 paintings of the Major Arcana from the Tarot for a private commission. See the images here...

Another area of expertise is interior decoration, incorporating the principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui with her unique sensibilities as a visual artist.

"Thank you for your beautiful pictures- God bless you."
- George Harrison

"An inspiration for humanity today. We are enriched!"

"I love all of the illuminations... the colors are so beautiful."
-Andy Warhol

"Far more competent and elegant than your average art star..."
-Washington Post

"Extraordinary and remarkable additions to the art of book illustration: sweet,
innocent, and beautiful."
-Washington Post

Her musical work as lead singer of the music group RASA can be found at: